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How can I find good information about e-mail marketing?
Answered by guest expert, Kim MacPherson, President of Inbox Interactive

There are many excellent resources available relating to the topic of email marketing. Here is a list of online publications you can opt into, relevant books and other resources: (Please note that this list is certainly not exhaustive, but it is a good start!)

Suggested online publications that you can opt into:


  • Email Marketing: Using Email to Reach Your Target Audience and Build Customer Relationships, by Tony Priore and Jim Sterne

  • Permission-Based E-mail Marketing That Works! by me, Kim MacPherson - click here to download a free chapter or order it here:

  • Permission Marketing, by Seth Godin

  • The Engaged Customer: The New Rules of Internet Direct Marketing, by Hans Peter Brondmo

I hope this helps!

Have a great week,

About Kim MacPherson and Inbox Interactive, Inc.:
Kim MacPherson is President of Inbox Interactive (, a full-service e-mail marketing agency located in Bethesda, Maryland. Kim can be reached at 301-654-7977 or by e-mail at

In addition to the above resources, Kim's agency is planning a free Webinar series entitled, "Creative Content: Developing Powerful and Persuasive e-Mail Promotions," in conjunction with Raindance Communications. The next Webinar will be held on May 3, 2002 at 2:00 EST. Go here for more information or to register:

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