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Replacing color guides
Evaluating color on press
Color Disagreements During Press Checks
Intermediate Colors
Acclimating to viewing booths
Errors and omissions
Dryback compensation
How quickly do you pay your printers, part 3
Getting a fair price from your printer
Pre-testing synthetic paper stocks
Shortcuts for Kerning, Tracking & Leading
Adjusting for Creep
Selecting paper when printing crossovers
Screen ruling
Fluorescent ink, part 2
Fluorescent ink, part 1
Tips for selecting a quality printer
Printing violet colors
Paper Curl
The advantages of direct buy paper programs
Setting up files properly for a fold
Selecting inks for foil stamping jobs
Avoid wrapping dark colors
Aqueous Coating, Uncoated Paper
Judging Color Builds
Selecting Type for Embossing
What is good print contrast?
Evaluating color on press
Compensating for Dot Gain
Folding factoid
Calculating spoilage
All colors are not equal
Printing grays and browns
What is thumbedge imaging?
Revised specifications
Do you have to print everything digitally when using a digital storefront?
Collating mark
Quality tolerances
How can I create more demand-driven fulfillment?
Paper stiffness
Get more accurate postage savings estimate when using co-mail and other co-distribution programs
Analyzing the total costs of your print projects
Should I always specify the highest line screen the printer offers?
Balancing color and paper
How can my planning decisions impact the bindery?
The Importance of Color
Altar fold
What is a touch plate?
Print Samples
Curve Compensation
Asking for a pre-invoice
Calculating the weight of your direct mail piece
Paper brightness
Fluorescent ink, part 3
Ink Coverage
Wet ink trap/apparent trap, part 1
Bidding print projects: Overs and unders
Avoid aqueous coating on...
Printing grays and browns
Speeding Up Mail Delivery
Complex Folds - A Rule of Thumb
Green Coatings
Paper finishes: satin, silk, velvet, etc.
A rule of thumb for complex folds
Spoilage, part 1
Tricks to Printing Multiple Pages
Metallic inks on different print runs
Reverse Lookup Dictionary
Calculating overs, part 1
Saving Time and Money on Pre-press Costs
Uncoated Papers and Dot Gain
Metallic inks, part 3
Moisture Content in Paper
Dot control
World Resources Institute
Paper whiteness (shade)
Research on Print Media Effectiveness
100 Copywriting Tips for Designers
A healthy monitor height
Comparing press sheets to proofs
Analyzing color, part 1
Selecting intense ink colors
Metallic inks on different print runs
Calculating the weight of your direct mail piece
What The Font?!
Can Color be Memorized?
Who's Ripping Off Your Website Content?
Metallic inks, part 5
How to Avoid Getting Hickies
Hues by the Thousands
Color variance in long run print jobs
Cyan overhang
Paper contamination
Imposition for crossover images
Double black
Identifying problems on press
Color density
Prompt Payment Yields Lower Prices
When setting up contracts, avoid rebates
Revised specifications
How quickly do you pay your printers?
Ease of doing business
Push while Others Pull
What never to do when asking a printer to redo
Better with age
Unsolicited Emails vs. Unsolicited Snail Mail
Avoiding transposition of PMS numbers
Should you tell losing suppliers the approximate amount of the winning estimate?
Folding and Paper Grain Direction
Film laminates and other coatings can change color
Designer's Guide to Business Writing
The Virtues of Vinegar
Metallics on Uncoated
Keep Your Clothes Cool
What is Dot Gain?
Who's Linked to Your Site?
Forgo the Logo?
Color variance in long run print jobs
Cast-coated Papers
Advancing your career, part 4
Advancing your career, part 3
Advancing your career, part 2
Advancing your career, part 1
Resolution counts
Getting samples from your printer
Loading Cut-Sheet Paper
Save time
Dot shape
Don’t Get Caught Greenwashing
Writing the job
A Tab-Free Tip
Keeping duplicates of originals
What is a touch plate?
Caliper and micrometer
Spend Saturday Morning at the Farmer’s Market
Fluorescent printing inks
Bogus paper
"House" sheets
Reverse type
Rich black
Increase the accuracy of your quotes, part 2
Increase the accuracy of your quotes, part 1
Saving Soil
Job ticket
Overnight samples
Size Matters!
Your expectations are different for every job
Gatefold: the most difficult fold
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Telecommuting
Ask for recommendations for coatings
Different impressions
Saving Money -- reducing AA and CO costs
Wet ink trap/apparent trap, part 2
Butt Register
Sheetfed vs. Web printing
7 Money-Saving Tips
Perfect Binding with Tabs
Copper Gravure
Access Domtar Webinars Online
Return proofs promptly
Freshen Your Indoor Air
Conditioning Paper
Don’t forget your pets!
Whiteness vs. brightness
Reflex blue ink
Setting the stage for expectations
Breathing In
Comparing apples to apples
Request for Final Changes
Don't Come Up Short
Press Check, part 2
Press Check, part 1
PUR Binding
Raised UV Inks
Avoid Drying Agents
Rejecting a Job
Tips for selecting a sales rep
Happy 40th Birthday Earth Day!
Test Your Internet Speed
Select paper that is compatible with photos and illustrations
List Fonts in PDFs
Save time on your projects
Print Sales: old school vs. new school
Split gum envelope
Negotiating, part 2: compensatory damages
Negotiating, part 1: asking for a discount
Recycle Old iPods
Sheet (leaf) vs. page
Most synthetic papers may not be compatible with these processes
Microwave it!
Choosing a production manager
Dare to Compare
Caliper, part 2
Applying Ink Theory to Uncoated Paper
Toner Based Devices & Ink Coverage
Color Communication
Why and How to Buy a UPS
Graphic Leftovers
Choose the Greenest Coat
Series: How to Save Money on Print Projects
Plant Tours
Inks to Avoid When Digital Printing Upon Pre-printed Sheets
Set your browser size
A Little Fun on Friday
Additive Colors
Digital printing and paper selection, part 3
Tips for Long URLs
White paper and ink
Reflex blue ink
Cost containment programs
Make Friends with the EPA
Using Courier for Tables
Push While Others Pull
Using fade-resistant inks
From Calipers to Calendering
Blanket Cylinder
Refine Edge of Selections
See Your Favorite Font Designers
Skip the Gym, Get a Ball
What is a Micrometer?
Use More Soft Proofs
Digitize Video Without a Computer
Make Friends with the EPA
Layouts for PDF Portfolios
Matching Paper to Photography
"Hit" Ratios
Canvastic 3.5
Magazine for Marketing Strategists
Leopard, QuarkXPress and PPDs
Setting the stage for expectations
Let Your Printer Know What's Critical
Inserting reply envelopes into a 6x9 carrier
Types of diecutting
Supplier relations, part 1
Job Definition Format
Salary Survey and Calculator
How to Create Dotted Tab Leaders
Collaborative Filters
Metals in CS3
Moisture and Curl
Grotesque Face
Saving Time on Scanning
Accepting responsibility
Proofing communication tips
Using Opaque White on Dark Stocks
Add page numbers to PDFs
Convert RGB to CMYK
Famous fonts
Proofing from your monitor
Cross-platform fonts
Vendor expectation document
Replace expert fonts with OpenType
New Resource for Packaging Buyers
Instant Social Features for Your Website
Remove kerning & tracking
Vacations and days off
Find area codes in Google
Donate or recycle your Mac
The greatest PDF editor
Create surveys
Coated papers and digital printing
Paper misfeeds and jamming
Rules for scanning
Color Profiles
Opaque inks
Screen tints
Crop your images
Conventional Four-Color Printing
Easy Named Tints in InDesign
Screen tints of metallic colors
Paper for Highly Handled Print Jobs
Professionally Fix Photos in iPhoto
Folding Dummies
Huey Pro: Odd Tints, Lost USB and Leopard
Perfect Digital Photography
The Caps Lock Key is NOT Your Friend
Difference between U.S. and European papers
What is copyfitting?
Paper making: The whitening process
Color Space
IPA Webinars
Hardware Wi-Fi Card for Digital Cameras
Quick Fix for Blown Out Skin Tones
Color is Emotional
Acid vs. Alkaline Papers
Turn Your iPod or Desktop Monitor into an Interactive Color Wheel
Ink trapping
Smooth Sheets Produce Crisper Photos
Faster, Tougher Flash Drives
Felt Side
Personalization on Coated Stock
Gloss Level of Coated Paper
The Incandescent Light Bulb has Reached the End of its Life Span
Keeping up with Typesets
Get the Greenest Lawn
Materials and Techniques
Smoother Blends & Drop Shadows in PDFs
Additive Color Mixing
Embrace Print on Demand
How To Replace a Process Color
Pulp and paper
Varnished and Coated: Use quickly when imprinting on pre-printed sheets
When reviewing proofs, don't forget...
Get a Unique Effect on a Limited Budget
Size matters
When printing large or dark solids...
Faster Dialogs
Soy Savings
Press W to Hide Everything in InDesign
Paper weights
Add a Background to a PDF
Bit Depth
Dot, dot, dot...
Paper Smoothness
Three Audio Tips
Take Time to Keep Track
Imprinting on Pre-printed Sheets
Where the Wind Blows
Turn Photos into Cartoons
Halftone Color Synthesis
Put Your Logo on Stamps
Easy Remote File Access, Anywhere in the World
Converting Paper Basis Weight to Grams
Color Replacement
Realistic Mats and Frames
Purchasing Mega-Watt Hours
Magnetic Paper - Free Sample
Opaque White
Color Management
Preview in Grayscale in QuarkXPress
Cut Down on Clutter
Web vs. Sheetfed Paper
How to Create Dotted Tab Leaders
More Reasons to Use Soft Proofs
Series: How to save money on print projects
HistoryHound: Better than your memory
Selecting Type for Foil Stamping
Success Secrets of Graphic Design Superstars
Series: How to Save Money on Print Projects
Primary Colors
Stochastic Screening
3 Ways to Reduce Banding of Gradations
What is Ajax?
Reverse Type Tips
Adding your Signature to a PDF
Hexachrome – Six Color Process
Free Business Strategy eBooks!
Off-press vs. On-press
ColorMunki Create
Successful Cross-Platform Email Attachments
Recycled Papers
Text Expanders
Copyright Education
A Unique Website Service for Printers
USB 3.0 in 2010
Smooth Vector Graphics for Websites
Cool Eco-calculator
Intuitive Color Correction
Faster Digital Camera Transfers
Free Booklets on Printing
How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer
Much Easier Compositing
An Awesome Map of Web Trends
Inside Digital Design
Open Source Software
Spook-tacular Green Tips for the Season
USPS Helps Design Mailpieces
Adjust Word Spacing
Quick Sleep in Leopard
Designers Toolbox
How Do I Replace a Process Color?
Instantly See Previous View in Acrobat
Variable Line Screens
Top 10 File Problems
HTML Email Services
Pantone's Color Report for Fall
iPhone Simulator
CIELab color space
Basis Weight
Larger type in web pages
Color control bars
Advancing your career, part 3
When gluing uncoated stocks...
Free Legal Form
Direct Mail Basics
Analyzing color, part 2
Acclimating to viewing booths
Generate fake event tickets
Useful Stock Layouts
Sizing or rotating of images
Link directly to page in online PDFs
What designates the grade of paper?
Rotate Single PDF Pages in Preview
Digital printing and paper selection, part 2
The Digital Photographer's Notebook
Drag and Drop Google Searches with Safari
Ink draw downs
Free Templates for Business Reply
Killer web content
Sizing or rotating of images
Official QuarkXPress training materials: free
Fluorescent ink, part 1
Manage PDFs with yep
Help with CS3 product options
Paper finishes: satin, silk, velvet, etc.
Apple gets greener
Who is touching your job?
Exceptional stock photo websites
Metallic inks
56 new Pantone colors
Replacing Color Guides
Select text columns in acrobat
Launch Acrobat faster
Image resolution for print reproduction
Instant book jackets in InDesign
Barrel folds
New city maps
Color depth
PDF to become a formal standard
Using fade-resistant inks
See resolution of images in PDFs
Alternative courses in color and light
Cost effectiveness of printing
Use Google to Search a Website
Save time and money on your next newsletter project
Color match?
Better typical display in InDesign
4C B&W
Undercolor removal (UCR)
10 Tips for success
Ways to archive a website
Screen tests
PDF Checklist
Color is emotional
How quickly do you pay your printers?, part 1
Printing dark solids on uncoated paper
Lose the gray
The raw and the compressed
Color profile
Copy or move PDF pages
Subtractive color synthesis
Machine folded gatefolds
Postage rates increases
The right dots make a difference
Defining offset printing
Higher ink density means richer color
Papers for laser and digital printing
List Fonts in PDFs
Tip for heavy black coverage
Print Part of a PDF Page
Interviewing Suppliers, part 1
Cost containment programs
Printing solids on uncoated paper
Try a natural white sheet
Salary Guide
An Amazing Color Palette Generator
How Linked Is Your Site?
Data mining
Create Letterhead Templates in MS Word
Zip to Send
Instant Web Receipts
Guide for Switching from Windows to Mac
Export Successfully from Illustrator
Use color to print B/W inkjet photos
Better web searches
Webby Award Winners
Free Font magazine
Exceptional websites
What is FocolTone?
Adobe's guide for troubleshooting InDesign
Illustrator World
Fall colors
Creative Business
Discover new color palettes
Exact links in Acrobat
Search the world with Google Earth
Download commercials at Google
Coated paper
Embossing on recycled paper
Select text columns in PDFs
Google Alerts
Groundwood or freesheet
Adhesive binding
Useful Pangram
Wet on dry printing
Digital printing and paper selection, part 1
Real World InDesign CS2
Image Capture - Part 1
Sharpening settings for web images
FlightCheck Pro 5.8
UV coating, part 2
One way to cut paper costs
How important is your sales rep?
More tips for projects that are laser printed
Predictability Beats Quality
Varnishing on uncoated stock
Image Capture - Part 3
Image Capture - Part 2
Picking resistance
Perfecting machine
Gummed for live stamp
Specifying the number of pages in a print project
One-to-one marketing
Ogilvy, David
Paper opacity
Intaglio process
Cracking on the spine
Suggestions for high gloss
Effect coating
Dialog marketing
Google Maps: Much Better Than MapQuest
Printing Pages in QuarkXPress & InDesign
Special effects
Cut size paper
Free White Paper on Optimizing PDF Workflows
Concertina fold
CMM - Customized MarketMail
Involve your printer from the beginning
Supplier qualification, part 1
Whoever has the most efficient workflow wins
Opaque vs. Transparent Ink
Digital workflow and analog proofs don't mix
Tips for a successful press check
International Color Consortium (ICC) Profiles
Spoilage, part 2
Try to proof on the same substrate you are printing on
Communicating expectations
Who is touching your job?
Advancing your career, part 4
Metallic inks, part 2
What's important to a printer?
Advancing your career, part 3
Cracking on the fold
Speak Up! Ask About Postal Discounts
Your printer and job tracking
Buyers looking for more control
Create a formal procedure for rating suppliers
Postal costs
What grade of coated paper should you choose?
Color calibration
Ink draw downs
Synthetic paper and oxidizing inks, part 2
Matching the personality of the paper to the project
Metallic inks, part 1
Brightness & ink density
What is CMM?
Let Your Print Supplier Know What’s Critical
How quickly do you pay your printers?, part 1
Printers "hit" ratios
Supplier qualification, part 2
Synthetic paper & oxidizing inks, part 1
Perfect binding cover stock
Has this paper really been discontinued?
Don’t forget to send a proof!
Force black type to overprint
UV coating on uncoated papers
Saving money on stationery
Aqueous Coating, Spot or Flood Varnish?
Procrastination buster, part 7
Matching color in Photoshop
UV coating on coated stock
Hairline rules
Blends/vignettes, part 1
What is imposition?
Low-tack Inks
Color blindness test
Dot gain
Avoid the heavy ink/high-gloss paper combo
When suppliers subcontract part of your job
Best ink hold-out
Insist on contract proof with color bar
Purchasing computer monitors
Quick Setting Inks
Paper for film lamination
Naming PMS colors in your files
Mailing proofs
Considerations for 6 x 9 or 6 x 9 1/2 carriers
Matte paper and scuffing
Too many fonts?
Have you considered fluorescent inks?
Source for comparing opacity between paper stocks
If you email files to your printer – be careful!
CD-ROM publishing: testing your interactive CD
Standard line screens
Your expectations are different for every job
Don't stylize fonts
Communicating expectations to your supplier
Perfect binding
Provide color separations and composed proofs with your files
Find out who is using your mailing list
How one company saved $28,000 by switching paper
Basis weight
Supplier expectation sheet
How printers can help you reduce AAs
Keep examples of specialty print jobs
Character set
Buying companies using fewer suppliers
A sales rep's experience is critical
Application server
Provide color separated lasers and color comp
Lowering unit costs of printing
Remove Those Who Do Not Want to Receive Mail from Your Mailing List
Try a satin varnish!
Tree-free papers, part 2
Tree-free papers, part 1
Don't settle for lousy service representatives
Ask for a competitive bid
Does it bleed?
Loop stitching
Blind embossing
Paper is part of the creative process; plan early
Procrastination buster, part 9
Procrastination buster, part 8
Bristol board
Procrastination buster, part 6
Procrastination buster, part 5
Procrastination buster, part 4
Save time, part 2
Save time, part 1
Who is responsible for trapping?
Procrastination buster, part 3
Procrastination buster, part 2
Procrastination buster, part 1
The best way to submit RFQs
Clipping Paths
Success in print buying is largely based on organization
Types of film laminates
Web page design software – links and interactive functionality
Paper stocks that are mill orders
Bidding print projects: Sample vs. example
Bidding print projects: Project title
Choices for foil stamping
Judy's tips for print success
Always send screen and printer fonts
Be safe with EPS or TIF
Foil Stamping or Tip-ons
What is RIP?
Selecting service representatives
Keeping copies of originals
Create a library of unique formats
Sculptured embossing
Heavy coverage on board stocks
Getting quotes on specialty binding
Font licenses
Recycled vs. recyclable paper
Word processing programs
Save time on your projects
Synthetic paper & pigment choices
Should you use a local or non-local supplier?
Soft proofing
Pre-flight programs
Using dull or matte varnish for protection
Direct Mail Basics
Matching printers' equipment to your needs
Reader Spread vs. Printer Spread
Keep An Edge On Your Bottom Line
"Don't let the creep make you bleed…"
Tips for lasering
UV coating
Press variance
Gray balance
Treat your suppliers as partners
Color match?
Butt Register
Personalization on coated stock
International printing
Make sure your colors are defined correctly in your page layout file
Selecting the appropriate line screen for the paper stock
Color control with target values
Considering using soft proofing, part 2
Consider using soft proofing, part 1
Color control bars
Avoid font problems, part 1
Trapping, Chokes and Spreads
Sheet (leaf) vs. page
Choosing a production manager, part 4
"Toothy" papers
Ink holdout
Ordering matching envelopes
What does it take to be a world class buyer?
Keeping duplicates of originals
Image resolution
Budgeting for paper: Special effects fall flat on cheap paper
Off-line score
Proofreaders are worth the money
How to work with your printer: "Show me!"
Dot gain
Reducing AAs by using color dummies
Communicate how your job should be packaged
Creating paper standards for print campaigns
Paper basis weight does not equal performance
To Scan or Not To Scan?
How cast-coated paper is made
Difference in costs with laminating
Perfect binding with tabs
Imposition on the Press Sheet
Look at the big picture
Felt Side
Cast-coated papers
Envelope size chart
Web vs. sheetfed paper
Advancing your career, part 2
Advancing your career, part 1
Put It In Writing
Color cannot be memorized
Press Check, part 2
Press Check, part 1
Spot varnish
Protecting with varnish
Soft proofing, part 1
What is soft proofing
Page layout, tip 3
Page layout, tip 2
Page layout, tip 1
Text Formats
Tell Paper Choice Before Scanning
More tips on trifolds and roll folds
Shipping books that have been mechanically bound
Packing requirements
Selecting and specifying type
Discovering new options in binding and finishing
Barrel folds
Label everything that you send to your service provider
Avoiding preflight processing fees
The most effective way to multipurpose your textual content
UV coating, part 1
Operating systems and browsers
Avoid font problems, part 3
Avoid font problems, part 2
Advancing your career, part 5
P.E. - Printer's Error
Die score can eliminate cracking on folds
Line screen
Blends, Vignettes and Banding
Microsoft Security Updates
Copy QuarkXPress master pages
Permanent color palette in XPress
Better communication with your printer: Avoid "he", "she", "they", and "it"
Color trap
Foil stamping & UV coating
Blends/vignettes, part 2
Potential Postscript Problems, part 2
Potential Postscript Problems, part 1
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