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More advice on using rich black

Note from editor: A few weeks ago, PBO answered the question "What is rich black?" sent to us by a print buyer member. Ted deLoach, Vice President of Crowson Stone Printing Company, sent us the following advice as a follow-up. Thanks a million, Ted. This is very useful.

Advice on Using Rich Black
A point of note regarding your article on rich black. I would recommend a suggestion to designers to consult with their printer on specifically how they require rich blacks be set up. All to often designers (the creator of the electronic file) will create a rich black using 100% of each CYMK ink to create this effect. At 400% ink density, there will be significant problems on press if left as such. Each printer likely has standards of density they try to adhere to. In most cases 10% additional of CYM is all that is required to achieve a dense rich black.

Another area of caution is when an image (with a black background) is placed in the area of the enhanced black, there will be a noticeable difference between the two, so some adjustments may need to be made here to match the blacks.

In every case, utilizing your printer as a consultant and a resource in the field will pay many benefits by aiding the designer in producing solid electronic files, reducing order to proof cycle times, reducing alteration charges, and delivering the finished piece faster.

by Ted deLoach
Vice President/Charleston Area Mgr
Crowson Stone Printing Co.
phone: 843-573-0606

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