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Will e-mail marketing improve my direct mail campaigns?

Answered by guest expert, Kim MacPherson, President of Inbox Interactive

Will e-mail marketing improve my direct mail campaigns?

Have you ever heard the saying, the sum total of the parts is greater than the whole? Well, I think that saying is quite relevant when you add e-mail into your marketing mix.

Of course you're bound to cannibalize your DM efforts to some extent and your DM responses may be weaker than you expected. However, the sum of both will certainly result in an as good or better response between the two.

Why? Because there will always be a segment of people who would rather go to a Web site to get information as opposed to responding by phone and risk having to listen to an entire sales pitch.

All in all, you will get the benefit of augmenting your marketing mix, which is hard to quantify in many cases.

About Kim MacPherson and Inbox Interactive:
Kim MacPherson is President of Inbox Interactive (, a full-service e-mail marketing agency located in Bethesda, Maryland. She is the author of Permission-Based E-mail Marketing That Works! (, published by Dearborn Publishing.

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