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Getting the best price

Answered by Suzanne Morgan

Do you have any suggestions for getting a better (read "cheaper") price when my printers quote on my print projects?

There is one important opportunity that often gets missed with print buyers nowadays. Buyers are under pressure to get projects printed faster than ever. And we want price quotes within 24 hours - or even less - so that we can send those jobs out. However, there is a sacrifice in rushing price quotes. The more time a printer has to work on a price quote, often the better, cheaper price you'll receive.

Estimating a print job is not as simple as looking at a price chart. There is an art to determining the best way to print a job. When a printer has more time to research the choices, the most efficient choice can be determined. That's why it is so important to involve your printer - usually via the sales representative - in developing the specifications for the job. Once the specs are set, there may be only so much they can do to save you money. With time pressures, you may not always have this luxury. But when possible, do involve your printers in the development and give them more time to give you the best price.

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