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Installation Issues with Adobe Creative Suite 3

Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly

I ordered the upgrade to Adobe's Creative Suite 3. Is there anything I should consider before installing it?

Yes, indeed -- there are several.

1. Many people like to keep the CS2 versions of their applications along with the CS3 versions, so that they can continue to work on CS2 documents with people who haven't yet upgraded to CS3. The thing to remember is that if for any reason you remove CS2 and then want to reinstall it (for example, if your hard drive crashes), you must install CS2 BEFORE installing CS3, not after. If you install CS3 before CS2, the CS2 installer will gray out Acrobat, Illustrator and InDesign. So, if you want to install both versions, install CS2 first.

2. In April, Adobe released an update to InDesign CS2 to allow it to read InDesign Interchange (.inx) files exported from InDesign CS3. Without it, CS2 can't rebuild documents from CS3 .inx files, and this is the way that InDesign lets you save a CS3 document back to CS2 format. This "InDesign CS2 4.0.5 update" also fixes problems with indexing, launching, transparency, shortcuts, text and fonts, scripting, inline graphics, INX files, XML, library files, performance, QuickTime 7.x support, printing, EPS export, text import, and more.

3. If you have a Mac, the Adobe Creative Suite 3 installer may disable your Mac's firewall. By default, the CS3 installer installs Version Cue CS3 Server, and in the process disables your Mac's firewall so that it can configure new outgoing network ports -- but it does not reactivate the firewall when it is finished. This potentially leaves your Mac open to malicious attacks.

To re-enable the Mac OS X built-in firewall, do this:

1. Choose Apple menu> System Preferences.
2. Click the Sharing Preference Pane.
3. Click the Firewall tab.
4. Click the Start button to turn your firewall on.

You can view Adobe's CS3 installer security advisory at

4. If you purchased the downloadable version of Adobe Creative Suite 3 and want to use the GL2DW extension to migrate GoLive CS2 Projects to Dreamweaver CS3, you have to contact Adobe Technical Support. The extension isn't included with the downloaded installer, and Adobe isn't offering it as a stand-alone download. Right now the only way to legitimately get the extension that is included on the DVD version of the CS3 installer is by contacting Adobe.

5. If you previously installed the beta version of Photoshop CS3, you may have trouble installing Creative Suite 3. To avoid possible trouble, uninstall the beta by using Adobe's uninstaller, found in Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers. If that doesn't do the trick, Adobe has a useful free utility called CS3Clean that should fix the problem. CS3Clean removes the Adobe support files that the standard uninstallation process leaves behind. This is a last-ditch-effort utility and should be used only if you haven't been able to get your CS3 applications to install any other way. Get it at

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