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What's a lift letter?

What's a "lift letter" and how much is it worth?

A lift letter (or lift note) is any short element that is slipped into a mailing package in order to lift response. No doubt you've seen plenty of examples. Often, it's just a slip of paper folded in half with the front carrying a jarring teaser such as:

Frankly, I'm thoroughly confused.

Once the prospect opens the lift letter, they'll find a paragraph or two from someone besides the author of the main letter clarifying that statement. Something to the effect of:

I simply cannot believe that anyone would willingly pass up this FREE offer. The first volume is FREE with no strings attached.

The idea is to get prospects that are sitting on the fence to agree to the offer and take action. Rather than introduce a new message, it should emphasize the most appealing or unusual element of the offer - perhaps an unconditional guarantee or a truly extraordinary user story or testimonial. It must be different enough to get noticed yet short enough to be read quickly. And if done right, it can easily buy you a 10-15% boost in response.

Needless to say, once you have a winner you should continue testing the water with new lift letter messages and formats on a regular basis. This low-cost response device is worth its weight in gold!

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