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Do you have any words of wisdom when printing on Yupo stock?

Do you have any words of wisdom when printing on Yupo stock?


There are a number of important considerations when printing on synthetic papers such as Yupo:

  • Synthetic papers should be printed with oxidizing inks. If you are combining the use of synthetic paper with other substrates in your print project, print the entire job with oxidizing inks.

  • Avoid the following pigments when printing an aqueous coating on synthetic paper: red-lake C (warm red), reflex blue, purple, violet, and rhodamines. These colors may burn out. Your ink supplier can provide substitute pigments that will be more stable.

  • Most synthetic papers may not be compatible with ink-jet, photocopier, and laser printer (except for flash or cold fusion) processes. Check with the synthetic paper manufacturer for specific recommendations.

Also, go here to see the more extensive article that Print Buyers wrote about printing on synthetic papers a few years ago:

And, of course, you should also reference the Yupo website (, particularly their printing recommendations:

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