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How should I "interview" prospective printers?

Answered By Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

Do you have any information available regarding standard questions or procedures for "interviewing" potential new printers? I'm looking for the steps that a print buyer goes through when considering a new print supplier and discussion points.

M. B.

We have a number of articles and checklists in our archives that may be helpful to you as you interview prospective suppliers:

Evaluating a supplier's customer service has a list of great questions to ask a printer about how they manage customer service. You’ll definitely want to know these answers before you give a supplier work, rather than after.

What your printer should know about you offers guidance on how to communicate what your company does and needs to a new supplier.

And finally, Interviewing Print Suppliers offers a comprehensive list of questions to ask a supplier during the first meeting.

Good luck!

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