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Managing sales reps' visits

Because of the diversity of print that I buy, it's necessary to deal with five or six suppliers. Some of these suppliers' sales reps call or come to my office more often than is necessary, or even desirable. In other cases, I have to track down the sales rep. How do I deal with this?

Your time is valuable. Salespeople want to do the best-possible job when servicing customers. The most effective solution is to meet with each rep that calls on you. Without labeling the situation as a "problem", explain that it would be in the best interest of both parties if you were to:

    a. Clearly define the frequency of sales calls you expect from that particular rep and the circumstances under which you would like those calls to be made.

    b. Tell the rep whether or not you want information brought to you on every sales call. Don't be shy. Explain to each rep the elements that you believe are essential for the ideal sales call.

Communication with a print supplier goes beyond job specifications. Be equally clear about communicating expectations.

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