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Common problems in developing packaging graphics

What is one of the most common problems in developing packaging graphics? And how can we eliminate that problem?

I begin most consulting projects for consumer product companies by asking both the company and its suppliers to list their most common and largest problems with project execution. In most cases, one issue is included in the top five problems: The correct die--or package structural design --- is not communicated accurately throughout the entire production process.

Frequently this occurs because the final structure is not known when the graphic design part of the project begins. In many cases it is not practical for graphic design to wait until a decision is made on the final construction, so a process and procedure needs to be established to handle this dilemma.

This best resolved through clear communications between the printer (usually working in conjunction with the consumer product companies' manufacturing units) and the graphic designers. Many times the final structure varies just slightly from the one used to build the graphics, but even these subtle differences can cause major problems and production delays.

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