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What criteria should we use to evaluate print procurement solutions?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

My company is interested in investing in a print procurement tool. We are analyzing six to ten companies that provide print procurement solutions (e.g., Noosh, Cirqit, Print Café, etc.). We are trying to come up with a matrix to compare the tools to one another. When comparing tools, what top criteria should we focus on?


This is a great question! I’m glad to see that you and your company are researching these solutions carefully, because each tool has different benefits and potential shortcomings. Here are the top questions to ask when comparing each solution:

  1. What are the expectations for the print procurement tool? How will your company improve by choosing the solution?

  2. What is the breadth of capabilities for each print procurement tool?

  3. How easy is it to use? How long will it take to train your staff on using the system?

  4. How easy is it to customize the tool to your needs?

  5. Realistically, how much time will it take to implement?

  6. To what degree do the users of the tool (probably your print buyers) buy in to the print procurement tool?

  7. What is the potential for capturing costs? How accurately does it capture costs?

  8. What are the reporting capabilities?

  9. How much does it cost?

  10. How easy is it for suppliers to integrate the new system? Will your print suppliers need training? Will they be charged for using the tool? Do you have adequate buy-in from your suppliers?

  11. How easy is it to integrate the new system with your company’s general ledger/accounting system?

  12. What types of support (technical, training, strategic planning) does the company provide?

  13. How financially stable is the company?

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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