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Can metallic inks be used on a Jet Press?

Answered by Tom Loudon, VP Print Production, EU Services

Can metallic inks be used on a Jet Press?


Yes, metallic inks can be used on Jet Presses however; they don't offer much of an "effect" since Jet Presses only print on pre-manufactured envelopes. These envelopes are made of offset (uncoated) stocks, usually in weights of 24# and 28#.

Since metallic inks are best used on coated stocks where they can add "pop," most designers choose not to use them on envelopes. If you do want to see how a metallic ink might look on offset stock, just ask your print supplier for a sample or ink drawdown. They can give you an ink drawdown of the metallic ink you'd like to see on your exact stock choice or a comparable offset stock.

Another option you have is to select a PMS color that's close to the metallic but will offer a little more depth on the envelope.

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