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Design tips that will boost response
What are some quick and easy design tips that will help boost response?

Try incorporating one or more of the following twists next time you try to build a winner from scratch:

  • Personalization Let's face it. Who doesn't react (usually positively) when seeing their name in print or on a computer screen? Personalizing your pitch can attract immediate attention, so the outer envelope and order form are the first places you should designate for this kind of treatment. But don't go too far. What starts as flattery can quickly degenerate into abuse of intimacy.

  • Involvement devices Make the respondent "do something, anything" to take advantage of your offer. Have them tear off an order form, scratch off a coupon, or add a token. A quick-and-easy response mechanism will make it seem as if they are fulfilling their obligation and qualifying for your great product or service.

  • Prettier isnêt always better Typewritten letters (with obvious imperfections) often out-pull computer-generated letters.

  • Try handwritten notes Stand out by including a handwritten note on your envelope or in the margin of your letter. These are almost guaranteed to get noticed!

  • Avoid reverse copy Itês easiest to read dark copy on a light background. The more "callout" copy you use, the more youêre likely to strain eyes and lower response. Why take a chance?

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