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Explained on this site are the differences between coated and uncoated paper, groundwood and freesheet paper, an explanation of the coated grade structure (i.e. the grade scale - number ones through number fives), important paper specifications such as brightness, opacity, basis weight, finish (including the differences of the various coated finishes such as gloss, matte, dull, satin, velvet, low glare and soft gloss), stiffness, caliper, smoothness, shade and paper gloss.

Also explained are the differences between Offshore and North American papers, types of paper pricing and factors you should weigh when agreeing to a given paper price and the benefits of recycled paper and a link to a calculator to better help quantify the benefits of recycled paper.

Additionally helpful links are provided for further research regarding postal costs, printed and unprinted paper samples, links to all the mill websites, paper industry news, a glossary of paper terms, the paper making process, ordering a Pocket Pal, an explanation of the printing process, links for mail order catalog, magazine and book publishers, direct marketers and additional paper and printing industry information.

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