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Why should I print a 2 PMS color “blurred” effect as 4 color process instead?
Answered by the experts at Pace Navigator

I have designed business cards to print on coated stock. The background is a dark PMS color and there is a “blurred” lighter PMS line going through it. I am being advised that this would work better using 4 color process. Can you help me understand why?


This is a great question. The PMS colors won’t work as well as 4 color process for this effect because they won't produce the needed range of tones and thus cannot create the “blurred” effect you want to achieve. Two PMS colors will only provide two layers of color creating the dots for the screened blur which will cause the "gradient" to look jagged rather than smooth.

With 4 color process, more dots are produced which will allow for a smoother transition of the blur.

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