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New uses for Flexography/Improvements in quality
- What is all this I have heard about Flexo lately? I have always used Flexo for printing my bags, can I use it for my high end folding cartons now?

- The short answer is YES. So much has changed in the Flexo process over the past five years both on the prepress and printing fronts. New screening and plate technologies have emerged from companies like Artwork Systems and DuPont that are enabling flexo plates to be made that will yield offset quality printing. Flexo plates can now also be imaged digitally to yield never before seen quality.

Flexo press manufacturers have been making presses that have extremely tight tolerances and can maximize the potential of the high quality plates being made for them. The use of UV (Ultra Violet Cured) inks and precision inking systems can give the print buyer high quality AND repeatability from their Flexo printer.

If your impression of Flexo is more than a few years old, and relates only to flexible packaging, you may want to revisit this impression.

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