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Could you suggest some boilerplate language for my contracts with printers?
Answered by Suzanne Morgan, Founder, Print Buyers

I have a client who wants to add terms and conditions to his purchase order for a large order for 4-color catalogs. He is looking for boilerplate language that will protect him from quality problems such as missing signatures or blow-ins, color registration, hickeys, trim size variances, etc.

Are there any books or references with this kind of language?


The Government Printing Office has created an extensive publication outlining contractual language for printing and binding called QTAP (Quality Through Attributes Program for Printing and Binding). This book can be borrowed from libraries throughout the United States.

To find where the book is located, go to then click on the link for "Access to Government Information Products." Then click on, "Catalog of Government Publications," then do a Quick Search for "Quality Assurance Through Attributes" (The name of the book is Quality Assurance Through Attributes Program for Printing and Binding.).

It will show up as the first book on the list. From there, do a "Locate Library" search. The most-targeted search is an area-code search, which will give you an extensive list of libraries in your immediate area that carry the book. The most common locations for this book are governmental agencies’ libraries, but it can also be found in university school libraries, as well as in a few public libraries.

PBO Member, Gil Justino, Senior Director of Production Services, MHI Direct contributed to this answer. Thanks, Gil.

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