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What should I wear to a press check?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

What should I wear to a press check?


I would avoid Prada, Ralph Lauren or other non-industrial designers... Just kidding! I think I know why you might be asking this question, but for the newbies out there, this isn’t a fashion question, but a practical question. What you wear to a press check, or more specifically – the colors that you wear – can have a significant impact on your perception of color on the press sheet.

If critical color, as opposed to pleasing color, is important to you, then the environment in which you view the color must be controlled to help you judge color more accurately. The colors that surround the press sheet that you are viewing definitely can impact your perception of the color. And yes, the color of your clothing is part of the surrounding color. Therefore it’s important to wear clothes with neutral colors, such as a medium shade of gray, rather than a bright red shirt.

Other than that, stay with clothes that are comfortable, not too loose (so nothing gets caught in the press!), and that you can get a bit dirty, if need be.

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