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Do you have any suggestions for proofreading guides?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, Founder, Print Buyers

I am looking for a guide to give a new proofreader to use for reference. We use the Chicago Manual of Style, which is a big help. Do you suggestions for other guides?


To answer this question, I went to my expert, Cindy Shaw, who is a frequent editor/proofreader for Print Buyers

Here are Cindy’s recommendations:

  • AMA (American Medical Association) Style Guide -- a must in the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields

  • AP (Associated Press) Style Guide -- It's an easy guide to follow and use as a reference.

  • The Bedford Handbook (Diana Hacker, author) is a small grammar book which is a wonderful supplement to the AMA Style Guide.

  • As far as industry guides, The Pocket Pal, published by International Paper is very helpful. It includes printing terms and is especially useful to those new to the printing industry.


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