Copy Color Corrections to Other Photoshop Files

Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly

We do a lot of color correcting of images for our clients. Since they usually arrive in batches that were taken at the same time and under the same lighting conditions, is there a way to correct one, and then copy that correction to the other images?

Of course, and although it's not very obvious, it's easier than you would think. Just be sure to use an Adjustment Layer in Photoshop to make your color corrections to the first image. Then, you can apply those same corrections to other Photoshop files by copying that Adjustment Layer. Here's how: To make an Adjustment Layer in Photoshop, choose Layer> New Adjustment Layer. Make your adjustments. Then, open all other files you want to adjust, and make sure that all of them are at least partially visible on your display. Click on the adjusted image to activate it. Then, on the Layers panel, click and drag the thumbnail of the Adjustment Layer onto the other images.

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