Am I responsible for cost increases in an estimate if I don't supply a loose comp with the specs?

Answered by the experts at EU Services

If I don’t supply a loose comp (or design specs) along with the written print specs for a job I would like estimated, am I responsible for additions to the estimated price once the printer receives my final files and finds it wasn’t estimated it accurately?

In this instance, the more clearly and accurately a print buyer communicates production specifications to a supplier, the more accurate the estimate he/she will receive. Here, you would be responsible for communicating any changes (additions, deletions, adjustments) to the original specs supplied. Although a physical comp or mock-up, in addition to your written specs, isn't essential it is very helpful, as are basic design specs (such as how heavy the ink coverage, whether it bleeds or not, etc.).

If the project changes significantly from the way it was originally estimated, it’s likely the price will change so it's always best to provide the final specs to your supplier again before submitting the final files. This step will ensure that the project still fits that particular supplier and will also ensure that you are made aware of the revised estimated price prior to releasing your final files. This will allow you to take advantage of your estimator's expertise and avoid unpleasant cost surprises at the production stage.
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