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Billing by printers is frequently a problem. What should I do?

Answered by Dick Gorelick

Billing by printers is frequently a problem. Sometimes it lacks adequate detail. Other times it's late. And I have a major problem when I haven't been informed of extra charges when they occur and the charges show up on the invoice. What should I do?

Forcefully express your needs if gentle persuasion fails. It is also frequently helpful if you take the time to educate the sales reps in the routing of billing within your organization. Take the trouble to walk the reps through the various steps, pointing out the consequences of late billing, lack of detail, and billing that is a surprise. If possible, introduce the sales reps to the accounts payable person and invite the latter to explain your organization's special invoicing needs and procedures.

Note from editor: In addition to Mr. Gorelick's excellent answer above, please also see PBO's archived article on Getting an Accurate Invoice.

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