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Am I being too picky about product quality?

Answered by Dick Gorelick

How do I know when I'm being too picky about product quality?

Let me read between the lines: one or more suppliers has probably told you that your expectations are unreasonable. That may, or may not, be correct.

There's no such thing as being too picky as long as your expectations are clearly and forcefully expressed in writing when the work is awarded to a supplier. Never use the word "quality." Describe in detail the elements of a job that are important and critical. Explain the manner in which a job will be used and the objective it is expected to attain. Spare no information. That's the best way to gain commitment or reservations about the extent to which your expectations are reasonable.

The scenario is comparable to a visit to a surgeon. It would be folly to fail to reveal every aspect of your medical history and to discuss your expectations. Don't believe that your expectations of "print product quality" can or should be communicated exclusively through job specifications. Give a prospective supplier the opportunity of calling you "too picky" before you award a job.

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