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Fixing Previews of Older EPS Files in InDesign
Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly
Some of our customers have logos and other vector artwork that they created 15 years ago or more. When we place them into an Adobe InDesign document, they don't display correctly. Sometimes, they look all jagged (although they print correctly), and sometimes they come in with a white background instead of the transparent background that we know is in the file. Help! Short of recreating the art in a newer version of Adobe Illustrator, what can we do?
You're right: in InDesign, older imported EPS graphics may display with a white background instead of their true transparent background. That's because InDesign may be displaying the old preview built into the EPS file. To tell InDesign to build its own preview for the EPS, tick the checkbox labeled "Show Import Options" when you place it and then tick the "Rasterize the PostScript" option under Proxy Generation. Then you'll see a better representation of how the EPS file will look when printed.

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