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PMS 877 on Uncoated Stock
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Is there a way to print PMS 877 on uncoated stock and still get a metallic finish? Is one uncoated better than another to achieve this?


PMS metallic inks and uncoated stocks are not well-suited to each other. Here's why: Too much of the ink will be absorbed into the uncoated paper, resulting in a dull effect. What you view in your Pantone formula guide for uncoated stocks is what you'll achieve on press (either sheetfed or web), and it won't be the shiny metallic look you're hoping to achieve. When it comes to PMS metallics, including PMS 877 silver, use coated gloss stocks to get the best metallic finish.

That is being said, if you are really interested in the look and feel of uncoated stocks, here's another suggested alternative: Try a high-quality matte coated stock, such as Sterling or Opus -- these have a smoother finish (meaning less ink is absorbed), and will get you closer to the metallic finish you desire.

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