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How Do I Re-Distill a PDF?

Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly

Sometimes we receive a PDF file that's just, well, goofy. Maybe it doesn't display right, or doesn't print right, or has lots of unnecessary stuff for printing, such as bookmarks, forms, or hyperlinks. Short of using a third-party program such as Enfocus's Pitstop, is there a simple way to re-distill a PDF?

If someone gives you a PDF that came from a source you suspect isn't appropriate for your purposes, you can re-distill it by using Adobe's Acrobat and Distiller applications. Just open the PDF in Acrobat and choose File> Export> PostScript> PostScript. Then launch Acrobat Distiller, choose the appropriate settings and Distill the PostScript file (File> Open). This is a great way to clean up and slim down the PDFs produced by Mac OS X, Microsoft Office, and other sources.

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