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Adding “Pizzazz” to a Package

What are some of the ways to "add pizzazz" to a package?

There are many ways to add a little extra pop. Some of these are expensive while others can be done at a very low, incremental cost.

One of the most common ways to turn graphic appeal up a notch is to add a color. But as a design is altered to incorporate an additional color, there are issues to consider. Most important is clear communication with the printer to ensure that they’re using the most effective printing equipment to produce the job.

Another way to zip up a product's appearance is to change the substrate. Think of the substrate as the printing canvas. If you paint on a good canvas, you will get a better result than if you paint on a concrete wall. Your substrate supplier can help you choose the best base to use.

Holograms and iridescent films can also add some pop to a product. The cost of both has dramatically decreased over the past few years. If you have not explored these options for awhile, you owe it to yourself to revisit their potential.

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