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Gravure printing/More economical, shorter press runs
I have heard the quality of Gravure printing is very high but so is the cost to do those costly Gravure cylinders. Why should I consider using Gravure except for where I have used it in the past, high quality and long runs?

Contrary to popular belief, Gravure is not dead, it is alive and well. Market demands have lead Gravure printers to find more economical methods of producing printing cylinders. Technology has stepped in with the development of new sleeves and cylinder composites that are easier to handle and cheaper to manufacture. This has made it cost effective for Gravure printers to offer the print buyer economical short runs while maintaining high quality.

Gravure is still good for what it always has been used for. In addition, you can now use Gravure for projects that you have been taking to offset and may have been compromising on your results while searching for economy.

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