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Could you suggest some ways that my company can recognize our top suppliers?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

In 2004, my company would like to start a program to thank our top suppliers and recognize them for their performance. How would you recommend that we do this? What type of gifts or awards are acceptable?

Bravo! This is an excellent idea. Your top performing suppliers will be thrilled with the recognition. This recognition will not only help you maintain positive relationships with these companies, but will also perhaps foster some healthy competition with your other suppliers.

To start, I suggest that you consider giving an award to the selected suppliers, such as a trophy or plaque, instead of a gift, such as a fruit basket or tickets to a sporting event. There’s no more meaningful gift to a supplier than the ability to prove their excellence to a prospective customer. A trophy or plaque gives them bragging rights and can help them acquire more business.

As far as categories for the awards, base the categories on the performance that is meaningful to your company. This could include, but is not limited to, categories such as:

  • Most Consistent On-time Delivery
  • Best Educator
  • Most Proactive in Cost-Containment Solutions
  • Most Innovative or Consultative
  • Easiest Supplier to Work With
  • Print Supplier of the Year – Best Overall Supplier


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