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This guide was originally published in October 1984 and subsequently updated in 1987, 1989, and 1994. Since its inception, more than 25,000 copies have been distributed worldwide. The Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP) are designed to improve reproduction quality in newsprint production and provide guidelines for the exchange of information. SNAP is intended for advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, pre-press managers, material suppliers, and commercial and newspaper printers. The specifications pertain to proofing and coldset (sometimes referred to as "non-heatset") printing for all newsprint production on webs of paper, including offset lithography, direct lithography, letterpress, and flexography for a wide variety of products (e.g., newspapers, pre-printed advertising inserts, and other printed materials). SNAP is not intended for magazine, catalog, packaging, or direct mail printing, nor is it intended for sheetfed, gravure, or heatset web offset processes. Other specifications have been developed to provide guidance for these processes.

Why Use SNAP?

Effective communication among those involved in the reproduction process ensures that the ideas of the designer and art director are printed in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. SNAP provides guidance for the following professionals:

  • Designers
  • Print production experts
  • Art directors
  • Pre-press professionals
  • Ad agencies
  • Editors
  • Marketers
  • Service bureau representatives
  • Color separators, electronic pre-press studios
  • Merchandisers and trade shop personnel
  • Print buyers
  • Printers
  • Material suppliers to coldset printers
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