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How can I go about finding printers in Mexico?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

How can I go about finding printers in Mexico? I am interested in seeing what kind of price and lead times they offer.

D. S.

Here are a few ways to find printers in Mexico:

  • One way is to use the “Find a Printer/Supplier” search engine on PBO's e-community. While we currently have many listings for international suppliers, no Mexican suppliers have registered yet. Keep this resource in mind for the future as new printers and suppliers are added regularly.

  • You can also contact the Printing Association of Florida (PAF). They happen to represent many print shops throughout Latin America and Mexico. They can be reached at or by calling (407) 240-8009.

  • Finally, you can contact the Union de Industriales Litografos de Mexico (Union of Industrial Lithographers of Mexico). Their website address is but the information is written in Spanish so you may need to call them to speak to an English speaking representative.
I hope this helps!

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