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How can I analyze the amount of printing my company purchases?

I’m getting pressure from upper management to cut costs on print spends. Do you have any suggestions on ways I can analyze the amount of printing my company purchases?

One way to quickly analyze your print costs is to identify the functions and departments within the organization that generate a significant volume of print. There are ideal opportunities to rethink the printing process and reduce costs quickly. The following departments are typically involved in activities that generate significant volumes of print:

  • Marketing – Product information, marketing plans, case studies
  • Training/Education – Large volumes of classroom materials
  • Sales – Customer presentations with customized content
  • Conference and Event Planning – Consolidated content from speakers for presentations to large audiences
  • Human Resources – Employee manuals, benefits communications
  • Corporate Office – Board material and investor presentations

Here are some suggested cost cutting techniques:

  • Try to centralize print purchases by reducing or consolidating the number of people who purchase the printing for your company. This will naturally leverage your print spends.

  • Look for ways to automate or reduce the number of steps in your buying process.

  • Ask one or more of your valued print suppliers for a free evaluation of your printing environment. There may be ways of further streamlining your processes or environment.

  • Consider using print suppliers that can produce all aspects of your projects instead of breaking up the projects between several suppliers (i.e. printing, bindery, die cutting, etc.)

  • Work with your accounting department to accurately account for print spends. This will give you valuable information on how and where your money is being spent.

  • Replace desktop printers with networked “neighborhood” printers throughout the company.

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