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Is there a silver paper strong enough to be used as a cover stock?

Answered by Sabine Lenz at

I am looking for a silver paper or fabric that is thick enough to stand on its own. It will be used as a cover or dust jacket and must be able to accept embossing or foil stamping. Any suggestions?


Metallic papers are very trendy at the moment. We will see more specialty papers like this coming onto the market in the near future since they catch attention and enhance a printed piece, even on a smaller budget. Most of these papers are suitable for specialty printing techniques such as embossing and foil stamping.

There are a number of great metallic papers with embossed finishes such as linen and silk, etc. Two examples of this are Currency (Appleton) and Stardream (Gruppo Cordenons) silver papers. Both are available in cover weights thicknesses and are suitable for embossing and foil stamping.

To order samples of these papers, go to or contact the manufacturers directly.

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