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How do I properly set up my files for a spot varnish?

Answered by the experts at EU Services

I would like to add some depth to my next piece with a spot varnish, but I don't know how to go about adding it to the file. How should I indicate the areas I would like spot varnished?

The easiest way to create a spot varnish is to have someone make them for you by indicating the areas that you want varnished on a second set of laser prints. Because all print jobs are a little bit different, be sure to call with any questions. You can also make them yourself, but it can be a little tricky. One technique is to wait until the piece is absolutely finished, then duplicate it. Create a spot color called "varnish" (it can appear using any color), and apply it only to the areas that you want varnished. Then delete all the other items in the duplicate piece. Due to trapping and proofing issues, it's much better to create a duplicate for the varnishes than to put them within the original file.

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