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What resources are available to help me find companies that purchase printing in my area?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

I have 15 years experience purchasing print for a local publishing company and I was recently laid off. I’d like to buy printing for another company in my area, but I’m not sure which companies might need my expertise. Where can I find a list of companies in my area? How can I connect with prospective employers?

S. P.

Here are a few ideas that might be helpful in your job search:

  • You may want to post a Positions Wanted ad in Print Buyers’s Job Bank. These ads are free for our print buyer members (Jobs Available ads posted by employers are $75.). This is a great way to get your name in front of the people who do business in our industry. Here’s the link:

  • If there is a print production club in your area, go to their meetings/events to network with people and let others know that you are job hunting.

  • You should also tell ALL the print sales reps and paper merchants you know that you are looking for a job. They are often the best source for available jobs as they, and their peers, know of jobs available at their client’s offices -- sometimes even before the want ads are published!

  • Adweek and other industry pubs have classified ad sections, but this can be hit or miss based on the area you live in.

  • Your local library will have books which list all the corporations in your area. (Ask your librarian to assist you.) This can also be hit or miss, but it’s a start.

  • Finally, you can contact your local Printing Industries of America (find a local PIA affiliate by going to or by searching the Internet). They may be able to point you in the right direction because their members, print suppliers, are looking for the same – companies that buy printing.

Good luck with your search,

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