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How do I determine the U.S. equivalent of the metric weight for paper?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

I have a question regarding metric weight vs. US weight. I am planning on having a postcard printed that will be used in Europe. I am told it must be 175gr weight. How do I determine the US equivalent of the metric weight? Also, how can I figure this out in the future? Is there a formula for this?


International Papers’ coated division has many useful paper tools on their Website, one of which is a tool that allows you to covert metric paper weights to the U.S. pound/basis weight and vice versa.

Here's the link to their paper tools page. Click on the Conversions area:

Be sure to also check out their other paper tools, such as:

  • equivalent weights table,

  • postal rate calculator,

  • paper caliper table,

  • and calculations for pages per inch.

Here's the link to International Paper’s main Web site:


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