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What is the difference between round, square and elliptical dots patterns?

What is the difference between round, square and elliptical dot patterns in printing?

Dot patterns are very important on the printed sheet. Elliptical dots are used the most in commercial printing. The dot patterns create images with good detail and fair blends. Round dots create smooth blends because the dots do not touch until the ¾ tone area of the images. Square dots create good detail but poor blends because of the intensity jump at 50%.

There are imagesetters that combine dot patterns to use the best features of each, to minimize dot gain and create smooth blends. Most manufacturers have combination dot patterns available on their imagesetters. PBM Graphics uses Creo Prinergy plates which are a hybrid dominated by elliptical dots, but also uses square dots in some screen areas.

Jim Brisendine, Technical Sales Manager of PBM Graphics, Inc. answered this question. Thanks, Jim! For more information on PBM Graphics, contact Tom Arnold at 1-800-849-8100 or visit their Web site at

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