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What should I know to properly spec a paper for digital printing?

What should I know to properly spec a paper for digital printing?

Start by finding out how the customer will use the finished product.

  • Will it be folded? Then grain direction matters, or consider pre-scored stock.

  • Does it bleed? If so, use a sheet slightly larger and trim to size.

  • Is there heavy print coverage that might crack over the fold? Perhaps the design can be modified to avoid cracking, or investigate pre-scored stock.

  • Match the paper with its intended use. If it will be handled frequently (e.g., menus or workbooks), consider heavier stock or laminate stocks with polyolefin film layers.

  • Are there lots of graphics and color content? Some stocks have smoother surfaces to produce clear, crisp graphics and colors that seem to "pop" off the paper.

  • What paper characteristics are critical to the customer -- brightness, shade, gloss, and/or opacity? Printing black text only? To avoid show-through and improve the crispness of text and images,.opacity and brightness are likely to be very important to the customer.

These criteria should help you focus on the available products to consider for your project.

Steve Simpson, vice president, Document Supplies, Xerox Corporation, answered this question. For more information contact Cheryl Freer, Xerox Supplies Business Group, To learn more about the full line of Xerox digitally optimized papers, substrates and supplies visit: .

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