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How can I encourage my print suppliers to accept InDesign files?

One of my greatest challenges is finding printers/service bureaus that will accept InDesign files. Do you have any suggestions or tips for working with a printer or service bureau that may be reluctant to accept InDesign files?


Caron Communications Solutions
Toronto, Ontario

With InDesign 1.0 and 1.5, the printing community put up a great deal of resistance. However, 2.0 has made great strides toward winning them over. There are still some printers out there who are unfamiliar with InDesign 2.0, and we will work with them to help.

For those providers, Adobe offers a free InDesign Print Service Provider Toolkit that has been developed to assist service providers integrating InDesign into their workflow. The toolkit enables service providers to print and troubleshoot test pages created with InDesign so that they can better handle the real-life documents provided by their clients. The CD contains test documents, technical information and more. Print service providers can order this free CD kit here:

Adobe will see to it that if you want to print InDesign files for your customers, you will be able to do so. To find a printer or service bureau that can handle your InDesign files, go to:

And if anyone is interested in taking advantage of being listed as an InDesign partner, you can submit your information to database by going to the link above.

Finally, if you are looking at adopting InDesign, I can e-mail you a list of resources that will help you do so. Please send inquiries to:

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