What is e-mail marketing?

Answered by guest expert, Kim MacPherson, President of Inbox Interactive

What is e-mail marketing?

Well, for direct response marketing, in many instances, there is no faster, cheaper, or more effective current venue than marketing via e-mail.

Permission-based e-mail marketing allows you to target an audience that has "opted into" (or requested) information about you, and they are expecting your message. You can segment that particular audience and e-mail each group a customized message. You can write copy that motivates your target audience, and craft a design that gets noticed and can be integrated with your offline efforts. You can also create campaigns around offers that allow you to market to your audience again and again. And, instead of generating responses over the course of weeks - as in the case of a postal mailing - an e-mail campaign is considered complete within a few days.

All in all, e-mail is a very inexpensive means of communicating to your audience. It's not interruptive, and there are no printing or postage costs. Most importantly, it's very easy for the prospect or customer to respond to your offer immediately because they are already online. Additionally, those with Internet access still possess more favorable demographics than those who don't.

About Kim MacPherson and Inbox Interactive:
Kim MacPherson is President of Inbox Interactive (www.inboxinteractive.com), a full-service e-mail marketing agency located in Bethesda, Maryland. She is the author of Permission-Based E-mail Marketing That Works! (www.e-mailmarketing101.com), published by Dearborn Publishing.

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