How important is postal form 3602 to mailers?

Answered by Brendan Talty

How important is postal form 3602 to mailers?

The 3602 is an official U.S. Postal Service form that is attached to your bill by the letter shop. It is often your best resort for confirmation of mail date and quantity.

As part of the mailing process, the USPS analyzes the makeup of the mail and makes sure it conforms to regulations. They also confirm that the weight of a mail drop conforms to the letter shop's stated quantity. This is done for each and every promotional mailing. The USPS will allow a reasonable variation, but a big difference will trigger an inquiry.

Bottom line: Mailers should save a 3602 form for each and every mailing. When responses are coming in well below expectations, the 3602 can give you confidence that all the pieces were dropped - and at the right time.
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