What should I tell my sales rep when he asks me about pricing?

Answered by Dick Gorelick

What should a print buyer tell a print sales rep when asked to provide pricing information?

Our organization consults for print buying organizations, as well as printers and prepress companies. To be candid, this question raises my hackles when posed by a salesperson. My standard response: "Please tell me how the answer would make you and your company a more valuable supplier."

That question usually indicates that the salesperson is interested in little else than securing an order from you. There's no interest in learning about your company's business objectives well enough to make intelligent suggestions about more effective, productive use of your company's print. At the very least, a salesperson asking this question exhibits no interest in a long-term relationship with you or your organization. Look kindly upon this question if your sole interest is short-term pricing. Think twice if you believe that a dedicated supplier can provide benefits other than rock-bottom pricing.
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