Featured Story - August 2010
Editor's Note: The following is an inspirational story from one of our readers that I love. I think you will find this as inspiring as I do.
- Suzanne 
An Unusual Set of Corporate Standards

I own my own corporation. But I am not motivated by financial profits. I am motivated by how many lives I can bring joy to and how much goodness I can do in the world. I believe that with each happy and fulfilled person, our world becomes a better place and that truly inspires me!


I lay awake at night trying to find new and creative ways that I can use my company to spread happiness, joy and abundance as far and wide as possible. Achieving that mission feels far better to my heart and spirit than any amount of money can. And I try to spread abundance in several different ways to reach as many people in as many walks of life as I can. For example, I give a percentage of my company’s profits each year to humanitarian-focused organizations. I also give away hundreds of scholarships each year to my daily steps coaching program to help people who wish to achieve their goals and dreams but who currently may not be in a financial position to afford coaching support. The only thing I ask of the scholarship recipients in return is that they "pay it forward" by helping someone else once they’ve achieved their goals. I also believe very strongly in performing Acts of Kindness. In fact, I’ve devoted an entire page on my website to encourage people to share ideas on how they can perform simple Acts of Kindness to make a difference for others. And I personally have made the commitment to perform at least one act of kindness every single day.


I have a personal agreement with my heart to help as many people as possible live happy, harmonious and abundant lives. I can’t wait for the next creative idea to come so I can implement another way to express this driving motivation I seem to have.


Can you imagine what our world would be like if that were the motivation of all corporations?


Path To Abundance


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