Better PDF Names from QuarkXPress
Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly
QuarkXPress exports PDF files with weird names. Rather than simply naming the file the same as the document, it adds "_Layout 1" to the name. We're getting tired of renaming those PDFs -- is there any way to change it permanently?

Sure. It's a preference setting. Just choose QuarkXPress> Preferences (Windows: File> Preferences) and in the PDF section choose your preferred default naming convention:


(Note: in some versions, the dialog box mistakenly shows : instead of _)

To make QuarkXPress behave the way you seem to want it to, choose "Project.pdf". This will name the PDF the same as the document name

Explanation: QuarkXPress lets you have multiple Layouts within one Project (file). Therefore, when exporting to PDF, the name of the Layout AND the Project can be helpful for identification purposes.
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