Can a PDF be converted back to QuarkXPress or InDesign?
Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly
I have a PDF of a document originally created in either QuarkXPress or InDesign. Is there a way to convert the PDF back into an editable QuarkXPress or InDesign document?
Kind of, but I would only recommend it in a last-chance scenario. You'll need two or three products:
To convert from PDF to InDesign, use Recosoft's PDF2ID. The conversion isn't always perfect, but it comes very close. You'll need to have all the original fonts loaded on your computer before performing the conversion, and be prepared to reconnect separate lines of text into flowing paragraphs if necessary.

To convert from PDF to QuarkXPress, first do the above, then use Markzware's ID2Q to convert the InDesign document to QuarkXPress. Again, the conversion may not be perfect, so be prepared for some tweaking.

PDF2ID is available for $250 from  ID2Q is available for $199 from

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