Embed Distiller Settings in PDFs

Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly

Our clients use the wackiest collection of settings when generating PDFs in Distiller. From within a PDF, is there a way to see exactly what those settings were?

With a little forethought, yes. Both Distiller 7 and 8 let you create custom Settings files that will embed a copy of the Settings file within any PDF generated from that Settings file. If you're giving your clients a custom Settings file to use when generating PDFs for your company (and you are, aren't you?), be sure to do this:

In Distiller 7 or 8, choose either Settings> Edit Adobe PDF Settings or Edit> Watched Folders and choose the Settings file you want to use. Click on the Advanced tab and then tick the checkbox labeled "Save Adobe PDF Settings inside PDF file". The actual joboptions file will then be included in the PDF file.

To get to the Settings file inside a PDF generated from this Settings file, open the PDF in Acrobat. Then open Acrobat's "Attachments" tab. You'll find it near the bottom left of the document window. In the resulting pane that opens, you'll see the Settings file, which you can then save as an independent file.

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