How Do I Get Acrobat 8 Toolbars Back?

Answered by Jay Nelson, Editor and Publisher, Design Tools Monthly

I upgraded to Acrobat 8, and it's so... different. They moved things around and some of my favorite tools are no longer visible. How do I get them back?

Adobe simplified Acrobat 8's Toolbar Well by removing some controls, but you can customize it any way you like. There are two ways to hide or show Toolbars, and to add or remove individual tools from Toolbars. The first way is to choose View> Toolbars. There, you can show or hide any of Acrobat's Toolbars. To add or remove individual tools from a Toolbar, choose View> Toolbars> More Tools. In the More Tools dialog box, check or uncheck the items you want to display in each Toolbar. The first ones you may want to display are First Page and Last Page, and Next and Previous View. (Two commonly used tools that Adobe inexplicably chose to hide.)

You can also add or remove tools and Toolbars directly from the Toolbar Well at the top of Acrobat's window. Just Control-click on the Toolbar Well to display its contextual menu and then select the Toolbars you want to show. To add or remove individual tools to Toolbars, choose the More Tools option from that same contextual menu.

You can dock any Toolbar to the Toolbar Well at the top of Acrobat's window by dragging it onto the Toolbar Well. To make a Toolbar float freely on its own, drag the separator that's on its left (it looks like two vertical columns of dots) down into the main window.

Note: When you show a Toolbar that was hidden, its location is based on where it was when it was last hidden -- either freely floating or docked in the Toolbar Well.

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