Where can I find price forecast information for publication grade paper?

I need to obtain reliable 2006 budgeting forecast information for publication grade paper (70lb text through 65lb cover coated and uncoated stocks #3 free sheets and up). I’m looking for simple monthly, quarterly or even yearly forecasts that would aid my company.

There are two main sources for forecasting information: RISI and the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA). RISI recently released a Trend Price forecast that is downloadable from their website. Unfortunately, there isn’t a source available that goes into the specific details of weight, etc. in their forecasts.

The RISI website is: www.resourceinfo.com
The AF&PA website is: www.afandpa.statmill.org

A portion of the forecast information provided by the above organizations is public, whereas some information will require joining the organization first in order to access it.

Answered by Sabine Lenz, Founder, PaperSpecs.com
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