Should my printer tell me when he outsources my jobs?
Answered by Suzanne Morgan

I just found out that my printer has been outsourcing a repetitive job that we do with them every month to another printer. I was shocked and now distrust this printer. Am I overreacting? Ethically, shouldn't they have told me up front?

It's my opinion that if a supplier outsources more than 20% of any job, they should make the client aware of this up front, or in an emergency situation, shortly afterwards. I can understand why you might be suspicious of a printer who isn't on the level, particularly since this is an ongoing job.

However, your supplier might see this differently. Perhaps they had good intentions and didn't think it would be a problem.

I suggest that you give the printer the benefit of the doubt. But from here on out, state your requirements - that you need notification if they outsource more than 20% of the job - or whatever you are comfortable with.

You should also discuss this issue with all of your suppliers - better yet, prospective suppliers, too -- to reach an agreement about what is acceptable. Since every job is different, outsourcing part or all of a job may be totally appropriate in some situations or not appropriate at all.

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